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We will be sending you a book cover questionnaire form where you will have the opportunity to fill in all the info you require for your book cover to assist us in capturing the look and feel of the cover image you are seeking. 

How long will my book cover design take?

The consultation process involves gathering as much detail about your book and its concept as is possible, including book dimension and page count, photograph count within your book, the actual theme of the book and your expectations for the design. Once we have all the necessary information from you we will confirm the starting date of the project and plan to have the draft designs ready for you in 7 working days for all our packages. (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). 

How many revisions will I get for my book cover?

We want you to be completely happy with the book cover design we create for you, this is why we offer one round of revisions in our Author's Essentials and Gold Essentials Package.  

The AUTHOR'S ESSENTIALS comes with THREE hours of work on your book design's initial drafts.    If your designs require more than 3 hours, your cover designer will make you aware prior to the start of the project.  

The GOLD ESSENTIALS package comes with SEVEN hours of Photoshop work on your book cover design's initial drafts. If your designs require more than 7 hours, your cover designer will make you aware prior to the start of the project. 

If you desire more time to work on your AUTHOR'S  ESSENTIALS OR GOLD Essentials book cover draft, the cost of unlimited hours on your initial drafts is $70, and any hours over the initial seven hours, will be charged at a rate of $25 per hour.



We can usually complete your book cover design and interior formatting within 10 to 15 working days to where it ready for upload to Ingram Spark, but this timeline is subject and may change in regards to us being provided the finalized information of your book (and any corrections/revisions for the book formatting and book cover approved and finalized, the book dimensions, blurb, finalized page count and a final approval by the author after the maximum round of  revisions allowed within your selected package. 

What about Photographs I want within the pages of my book? 

The prices in our book formatting packages are for books with less than 400 pages, 5 images maximum,  and without elements that will require special formatting such as lists, links, drop caps, tables, graphics, footnotes/endnotes, more than 5 images or unique layouts, etc.)

 If your manuscript contains any of the EXTRA elements above we will have to provide a special quote - as the costs can range anywhere from  $0.50 to $1.00 per page(s) having these elements, or more, depending upon the complexity of each individual book’s specifics.

Book Interior Formatting 

Our book formatting process will optimize your manuscript, both for print and eBook files, to create a professional looking book that will display exactly how it should appear upon multiple devices and e-readers, and your final files will be ready for upload and publication.

We will need your manuscript in Word Document format (no PDFs), once we have your Manuscript we’ll then get it converted into eBook and print book formats. 

What type of file will I have for my eBook?

Depending on the Book Publshing Package you have have chosen, you will either have both a MOBI (for Kindle) and an EPUB file for most other popular eBook publishers, or only a MOBIE file (for Kindle). With these files we'll be able to upload directly to Ingram Spark ready for use. We will also have your eBook book cover file created , ready to upload and publish with your eBook file. 

What type of file will I have for my printed book?

You’ll have a PDF file created for your chosen trim size (book size - example for a 6 x 9 book). This PDF file will be compatible with both paperback and hardcover books. 

We will then upload this separate PDF file along with the finalized file for your book cover. 

What will you need from me to format my book?

We will need your COMPLETED manuscript, this should be as a Word document and not a PDF, we’ll need details of any specific styles you wish to have the book laid out in, your requirements for the placement of copy, images, diagrams and any other elements to be part of the book’s formatting.  We’ll also need any fonts that you would like to use (any fonts must have the correct license to be used within your book).

What are the requirements for graphics?

Any images/graphics that you’d like to add within the book must have the correct license and authorization to be used, be good quality, and 300dpi in resolution. Depending on the complexity of some graphics an extra charge could be incurred. Your book designer would notify you of this prior to completion.

Fonts in eBooks

We do not recommend that you try to use alternate fonts within your eBook file, this is because of the settings within the eBook reader itself, the user will be able to change both the size and font (within the selection upon their own reader) which will not allow for specific/alternate fonts to be used.

Fonts in Printed books

Your printed book will be able to use alternate fonts. Any additional fonts used must have the correct commercial license (there may be an additional fee if this is a font we need to purchase upon your specific request).

Will the eBook file look the same as the printed?

It is important to understand that eBooks are very different from  printed ones, they give a great deal of control with the font style, size and orientation etc. to the reader, this along with the fact that your eBook could be read upon a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone means that it has to work with many styles, sizes and devices. So, we aim to keep it simple to work with all devices and still look great, as a result it is impossible to make the eBook version look exactly the same as the printed version.

What if I have some revisions to my manuscript afterwards?

When we format your book we will send you drafts to review to ensure that you’re happy with the formatted manuscript, any alterations you wish to make at this point will normally be included within the package itself. However, if at a later date you need to change something, there is a flat fee of $25 for all reasonable changes required.

How long will the formatting process take?

We aim to have a draft for your formatted book ready after seven business days, from here we will make any revisions for you (these are normally completed within two to four business days, this is dependent upon the complexity of the revisions), once you have confirmed the design/formatting, we will then create the final eBook and print version files of the book. This normally takes a minimum of seven business days to prepare. 

What information should I have on hand before contacting Carpathian Valley Book Publishing?

We'll need details such as the physical size of your book (if you're having it printed - most fiction and nonfiction work well with a 6 x 9 size). We use INGRAM SPARK as our global book distributor.  

Both the GOLD Essentials and PLATINUM Essentials book publishing packages INCLUDE 4 ISBN numbers - more than enough for ALL eBook formats including your Paperback Print Book, as well as a barcode for your Paperback (print) book. 

The AUTHOR'S essentials book publishing package INCLUDES 2 ISBN numbers - One for MOBI (Kindle) and one for paperback. 


We will assist you with this before finalizing distribution


All book formats will still require an ISBN and a pricing barcode,  Your Print Book and eBook will be available online and print-on-demand through other all major global booksellers and numerous smaller stores.


Each format of your book requires a separate ISBN number and a price barcode, as well as a book cover designed to fit your hardcover book.  

Our GOLD ESSENTIALS AND PLATINUM ESSENTIALS packages come with FOUR (4) ISBN numbers!  More than enough to also use for a hardcover book should you decide to print one!

 IF YOU KNOW YOU DEFINITELY WANT YOUR BOOK AVAILABLE IN HARDCOVER let us know right away prior to placing your deposit as there is REASONABLE pricing to transform your softcover design to one that also accommodates a hardcover book!  

**  NOT TO WORRY. We will discuss the exact details with you as we progress with our many email communications. 

What about my Author Photo, Book Description, Key Words and Metadata for my book? 

We will send you a form to fill out prior to finalizing files for publishing with an explanation of what is needed for each category. 

Do I need to made a deposit before work can begin on my book? 

As with the majority of professional book design and formatting service providers we require a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the book package chosen to secure each project. 

*  The Author's Essentials deposit is: 160.00

**The Gold Essentials deposit is:  234.00.  

***The Platinum Essentials deposit is: 298.00 

DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions for payment are included in the book publishing packages above.  PayPal is our method of payment. Even if you do not have a PayPal account you will be able to use the credit card of your choice.

The security of Paypal is trusted by millions of users world-wide, and don’t worry, you do not need to have a Paypal account to make a payment.

***Once you approve the design/s for your eBook and print interior book formatting and cover, and agree to finalize the project and pay the remaining balance,  we will then send your high resolution final designs for you to keep. 

Payment is due within seven (7) days of receipt of the invoice, late payment of balances will be charged at a rate of 1% interest on the balance owed per day until paid, overdue balances of more than 30 days will be forwarded to collections. 

Use of commissioned art work

Where any commissioned art work is created for the book cover, such as exclusive illustrations, paintings, drawings and commissioned Art Work (this is rare but your designer will make you aware of this prior to the project starting) the project will be limited to focusing in on one concept draft with up to two rounds of revisions only, this is due to the cost implications of working with illustrators/painters/artists and keeping the overall cost to a reasonable level for all parties. Currently we do not design book covers for use with embossed print runs (as most publishers will not tend to offer this option for printing your book cover).

Do you use stock imagery?

We will always try to create our own imagery prior to using any stock images, however sometimes it will be the most cost effective way of creating your book cover design. It’s worth remembering that all stock images used (unless specified) will come with a non-exclusive license.

Credit statement

All books where any form of stock imagery has been used within the design, must have "Book cover designed by JD&J with stock imagery provided by [Contributor’s Name] © 123RF.com" to conform to licensing agreements.  This credit statement may change depending on the source of the stock imagery used. This must be printed on your book's Copyright Page prior to final book file approval. ***No worries! We will assist you with this prior to your final files!****

What is CMYK and will it make a difference to my design?

Many book publishers and printers will produce your book using the CMYK color model (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), this is where four plates with those colours are used to print your book. 

The CMYK color model is smaller than that of RGB (which is used on your computer, tablet, smartphone and many other digital devices),so you may see some color shift when a design has been printed. ***In addition, some book printers will also require that any design uses a maximum of 240% ink levels, this can also shift the colour further.

What if I don’t know what I want on the book cover?

Our consultation process is focused on gathering as much information about your book and (most importantly) the concept of your book. We will package together several different drafts and fine tune them to give you alternative options.  

What if I’m not happy with my bookcover drafts?

At Carpathian Valley Book Publishing LLC, We always do our best to work with the author/publisher to ensure we capture the concept of your work, however, if you’re not completely happy with the first set of drafts we can create another set for you (with the Premier Essentials package you have unlimited revisions.) If by this point you’re still not happy, then, (at no further cost  to you, other than the amount of your nonrefundable deposit) we can end the project for you. 

What is the comprehensive market research completed by our expert book design professionals?

Included with all of our packages is the research that we will complete regarding your book cover, this will focus on the latest trends within your genre, the specifics behind your individual design and research of elements to be placed within the cover.

How many 3D images and/or special Designs come with the PLATINUM ESSENTIALS package?  

Our Platinum Essentials package comes with four 3D images, AND a banner design for use with TwitterFacebook and a Digital Image for use with Instagram.  See all the other extras included in the Platinum ESSENTIALS package Description!

What's included with the Royalty free stock images?

We obtain the royalty free images needed to create your design for you, this may be anything from one to four separate images so that we can create a design that is unique and based around the individual concept. The initial license for stock imagery used in Printed Books (both front cover and interior if needed) will cover your book for up to half a million sales (either free or charged sales), once you go past this you’ll need to let us know so that we can extend the license for you (at no further cost to yourself). In some cases where the project requires any commissioned art work or imagery, there may be additional charges to the client, your designer will always advise you of any commissioned art work prior!

How long does Carpathian Valley Book Publishing, LLC keep my files?

Once we’ve created your book inferior formatting/cover design and/or any other promotional designs, we will send you the necessary files ready for you to use, this is normally done using a file transfer service (as the files are normally large in size and too big for just one email), after this ,we will keep your files stored for up to 12 months only. 

With the PLATINUM ESSENTIALS PACKAGE, How do you promote my book to your social media followers?

Once your book design is completed and then uploaded to the publisher there may be a small wait of four to five days prior to "going live."

Once your book is available to buy, let us know, and we’ll send out a post to our many social network followers (Facebook & Twitter which totals over 12,500 followers currently - this is of course subject to change). In this we’ll include an image of your book and most importantly a link back to where the viewer can buy their copy. 

How long will the formatting process take?

We aim to have a draft for your formatted book ready after seven business days, from here we will make any revisions for you (these are normally completed within two to four business days, this is dependent upon the complexity of the revisions), once you have confirmed the design/formatting, we will then create the eBook version of the book, this normally takes seven business days to prepare.

Who Owns all my files?

You do! Many bookpublishing companies state they have the rights to the client's works.  The files are the works of your creative mind and they belong to you!

What about taxes (the IRS)

Although there is no blanket equation for commission taxes, typically commissions received from your work are reported as self-employment income. You report these on Schedule C of IRS form 1040. If you earn more than $400 through self-employment, including commissions, you must report that income on your tax return. It is the responsibility of the author to keep track of their earnings and to report that amount to the IRS at year's end. 

Is there a contract to sign with Carpathian Valley Book Publishing?

Yes, but NOT to where we keep and control your works. We will send you a contract to sign (this states your rights, stating your beneficiary, our rights and limitations, and odds and ends).  **PLEASE READ THE SAMPLE CONTRACT ON OUR WEBSITE PRIOR TO MAKING YOUR DEPOSIT **

How will commission payments be made to the author?

Commissions will be paid via Paypal into the author's PayPal account. You will need to set up a PayPal account to receive your commission payments (if you don't have an account yet, here is the link: 


We will obtain your PayPal information in our author intake form which will be emailed to you 

How often are commission payments made to the author?

Payment on your unit sales are reported from our distribution partners to Ingram.  Ingram will report both print and eBook sales to the Publisher approximately a week after month-end and will pay monies to the Publisher usually within 90 days of the sale. As an example, sales that are reported the first week of May (which would be sales made in April) would be paid to the Publisher approximately 90 days later (the first week of August), AND the Publisher would then send out commissions to authors approximately the second to third week of August.


We are here to help you succeed!  Please contact us at carpathianvalleybooks@gmail.com 

We've Got Your Questions Answered Right Here!

We've Got Your Questions Answered Right Here!