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your book publishing dreams are IN YOUR HANDS!

If You Believe In The Book Of Your Dreams - The World Will Believe In You!


Carpathian Valley Book Publishing is excited to be part of your book's journey around the world!  Everyone has a story waiting to be told!

When our Company Founder published her first book, she could not have possibly begun to imagine where the recognition from the words in her book would take her: from unknown author, to radio talk show guest, to motivational speaker, to columnist for an online magazine, and now, to the proprietor of her own book publishing company!  

She took her first step upon the road to publishing her own book as a novice, and through her own "ups and downs", questions, concerns, uncertainties, and at last success, she knows firsthand about the complexity of emotions facing authors today as they take their first steps into the "unknown world of book publishing.

She coaches new authors (and even those already published), about the  requirements for a successful book publishing experience, as well as what All Authors Need to Know about the Possibility of placing their Book upon the shelves of a Major BookStore, and THE REQUIRED PLAN for YOU to have the opportunity of participating in an Author Book Signing Event in the hallowed halls of a Major Book Store. (Things she was not informed of prior to first publishing her book, leading her to HAVING to re-publish using the correct guidelines).

The knowledge she has gained during Her Journey will guide you, support you, nurture and mentor you to ensure a smooth transition from writer to published Author! She will be here to help, advise, and inspire you to be the very best in your writing profession.  If you believe in the book of your dreams - the world will believe in you!    

 "Believe, and All Things Are Possible!"

The World is Waiting to Read Your Book!



Global Print book Distribution

Why limit your book sales to just your local book store?  Your book marketing goals can be a reality with our global network of booksellers!


Global eBook Distribution

Your creative work will be available to millions of book enthusiasts around the world with Amazon!


International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Both our publishing packages include FOUR (4)  individual ISBN barcodes: one for your softcover print book, three to cover all  eBook formatting requirements, and one extra!. This is a must for online and brick and morter stores to find your title and  provide sales information.


Professional Cover Design

Our award-winning book cover artists  will create a book cover that sparks interest both online and in stand-alone bookstores.  Don't forget,  cover design (for both your printed softcover & eBook ) is provided with both our publishing packges.


Expert eBook and Print Book Formatting Conversion

Our Professional Formatting Team will transform your words into the proper layout for both print books and ebooks

 Your eBook and print book formatting includes:

  • A proof to approve before your eBook/print book is completed.
  • Compatibility with all the most widely used eReaders!


Print On Demand (POD) with WorldWide Distribution!

With Worldwide Print On Demand, you book will be found by millions of readers around the world! Your print-on-demand book will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and thousands of wholesale booksellers. When your customer orders a print book through the global marketing network, it will be shipped directly to them.  No longer do authors have to be concerned about the demands of spending large sums of money to warehouse their books or worry about the cost of shipping to their customers.  



SUPPORT is Just an Email Away:

We want you to succeed! Email provides a Quick response to your questions. No question is irrelavent!  We want you to be comfortable with each step of your book's publishing journey. Have a question? Email us at  We are here for you!

It's Time to Get Published!

You've worked for months, perhaps years, to create your one-of-a-kind book! It's Time to Let the World See your Magnum Opus (Your greatest work!).